The finca’s 43 rooms include nine
private villas, each with their own
dipping pools, allowing guests to choose
between the cordial shared experience of
the main house, or the possibility
of more intimate seclusion.

Surrounded by pine groves, fragrant juniper shrubs and wildflowers, the whitewashed compound has been carefully restored—including, soon, its original vegetable garden—by a team of local craftsmen under the guidance of interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon. Airy, open spaces use rustic drystone, waxed concrete and rough-hewn local wood plank floors with accents of hand glazed terra cotta tile.



Pale olive wood and natural leather are complemented by a color palate inspired by the Menorcan sky: from the pale blues and golden yellows of early morning to the vibrant rust tones of sunset at its most blazing.