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Boutique hotel in the heart of Menorca


Discover Menorca Experimental, a charming boutique hotel & spa, nestled within a beautifully reimagined 19th-century finca, set on 30 hectares of picturesque land.

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An artist's holiday retreat

Surrounded by pine groves, fragrant juniper shrubs and wildflowers, the historic whitewashed finca has been carefully restored —including its original vegetable garden—by a team of local craftsmen under the guidance of interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon, taking inspiration from an artist's holiday escape. Today, Experimental Group has breathed new life into this authentic space, transforming it into a 4-star haven, a seamless fusion of past and present with a Mediterranean decor, offering a place of serenity and inspiration.

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An oasis of relaxation

Just beyond the doors of Menorca Experimental await airy, open spaces bathed in a gentle Balearic breeze. The charming finca sits in the heart of rural Menorca, a short distance from pristine beaches. Throughout the bedrooms and restaurant, rustic drystone, waxed concrete and rough-hewn local wood plank floors are accented with hand-glazed terra cotta tile, calming colours and rounded shapes offering an essence of rural living with touches of modern comfort.

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Our private pool within Menorca's landscape

Immerse yourself in blissful tranquility at the Menorca Experimental infinity pool, stretching an impressive 26m length. Set amidst lush gardens, this oasis offers a serene escape where every detail has been meticulously considered. Pale olive wood and natural leather furnishings create an inviting atmosphere, while a colour palette inspired by the Menorcan sky evokes the island's natural beauty. From the soft blues and golden yellows of early morning to the vibrant rust tones of sunset, every moment spent by the pool is infused with inspiration and relaxation. For those seeking ultimate privacy, our villas with private pools offer an exclusive retreat within this tranquil setting.  

Beach access and cliffside views

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Only a few steps away from our hotel in Menorca, follow our natural path for 5 minutes and revel in breathtaking views from the Menorca Experimental cliff point. Accessing the secluded pebble beach Cala Llucalari is a leisurely 15-minute stroll down the unmissable Cami de Cavalls. Follow this famous trail and you'll soon find yourself on the sandy shores of Playa de Son Bou, a perfect addition to your island retreat.

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Discovering the landscape of Menorca

The preservation of Menorca's natural beauty has long been a priority for locals, and its nature is so unspoiled that UNESCO has named the island a protected biosphere. Menorca Experimental is an agroturismo that offers a experience bathed in nature that creates a link with the local agriculture and our guests. Menorca also boasts one of the best places in the world for observing the celestial vault. The skies over Menorca have been awarded the Starlight Destination and Starlight Reserve distinction thanks to the island’s areas of complete darkness with no light pollution, adding a new element to Menorca’s range of sustainable tourism activities. At the hotel, guests can enjoy these celestial views from the Observation platform, immersing themselves in nature while marveling at the wonders of the night sky.

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april, 2020
april, 2020
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