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Menorca Experimental: an agroturismo in the heart of the Balearics

Reborn from the gracious old bones of a 19th-century finca, on 30 hectares of land, Menorca Experimental is a 4 star hotel and spa designed in the spirit of an artist's holiday cottage. Located on the south of Menorca, just a short walk to the Cala Llucalari pebble beach, this sanctuary seamlessly blends historical charm with contemporary allure. It embodies the essence of an idyllic retreat, offering a tranquil oasis nestled amidst sprawling Mediterranean landscape. At the heart of the hotel lies an infinity pool, inviting guests to bask in the warm Mediterranean sun while gazing out over the expansive vistas of land and sea. One of the best places to stay in Menorca.

At Menorca Experimental, revel in 43 uniquely designed rooms, offering captivating views of the surrounding landscape. Spend a lazy afternoon or an evening beneath the stars at our restaurant and outdoor terrace, highlighting Menorca's abundant produce, some harvested from our own land. Embrace the beauty of tranquility at our luxurious spa, where therapists pamper you with bespoke treatments inspired by the island's natural beauty. Menorca Experimental: a destination enveloped by nature fostering festivity, reflection, serenity, and inspiration.

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Step into Menorca Experimental, our finca that is home to 43 rooms, including 9 with their own pools, where guests can choose between the long laps in the infinity pool or a secluded haven of their own. Designed by Dorothée Meilizchon, each room boasts colourful decor, blending the tranquility of the Balearics, weaving gentle shapes and cool colours throughout. Our luxury boutique hotel in Menorca offers the authentic Mediterranean experience.

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Menorca Experimental offers an ideal place to unwind with a playful, yet sophisticated vibe, perfect for a Balearic Island holiday.

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Our Restaurant and Bar in Menorca

At Menorca Experimental, our restaurant offers a Mediterranean menu with a modern twist, celebrating the island's culinary treasures. Indulge in some of Menorca's finest fare, carefully selected to highlight the richness of our produce sourced directly from our own vegetable garden. Nestled near Son Bou, our restaurant offers a sunny terrace just beyond the hotel doors. Guests spending the day in the sun can enjoy lunch from our poolside bar and restaurant. Emphazising the abundant fresh and seasonal produce from the land and sea, our menus promise the authentic Mediterranean experience for lunch and dinner.

Poolside cocktails, early evening apertifs and after dinner drinks. Take a journey through the best of Experimental's signature cocktails and carefully curated wine list. During the day and into early evening, cocktails and wine can be enjoyed next to the pool, and as the evening rolls on, our cocktail bar on the terrace welcomes guests for a drink. Both bars are open to hotel guests and visitors offering the perfect place to embrace the vibrant essence of Menorca's culture and flavours.

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Full of hidden corners, unique views, and convivial shared spaces, Menorca Experimental encourages festivity as well as reflection, serenity, and inspiration.

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Our spa & wellness experience in Menorca

A true invitation of pleasure & relaxation to restore your balance. Embark on a journey of the senses, created to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the body and mind. The incredible natural beauty of Menorca provides the perfect backdrop for practicing yoga & meditation, as well as indulging in our bespoke treatments, hammam, and sauna. Surrender to the expert's hands and immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere with cliffside views over the Mediterranean Sea.

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Activities in Menorca

Guests at Menorca Experimental find themselves in an intimate relationship with the environment and can take advantage of life outdoors. The island is full of beautiful countryside, stunning coastlines, incredible local know-how and local traditions. At our agroturismo, guests have direct access to the Cami de Cavalls, an unmissable path with exquisite views. Our observation platform offers a unique opportunity for nature observation, birdwatching, and stargazing, all seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape.

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